GTO now offers e-customs guarantees for Eurasia, starting at 18 Euros only, through GTO Service, its new global transit services portfolio

GTO offers e-customs guarantees for Eurasia, starting at 18 Euros, through GTO Service, its new global services portfolio

13 July 2017 - Cologne, St. Petersburg, Lausanne

Global Transit Organsation is pleased to announce the launch of GTO Service, which marks the very first step of a series of innovative partnerships with major global players in customs and logistics, providing concrete support and competitive all-inclusive electronic offers to international hauliers around the world.

The first partnership announced today with BNGarant offers competitive e-customs guarantees for any operator transporting goods to Eurasia.The collaboration launched with BNGarant, part of the large Belarusian group Belneftegaz, allows hauliers transporting goods to Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, and beyond, to easily purchase online reliable e-customs  guarantees, without any intermediary, starting at 18 Euros, including electronic pre-declaration services !

All this in full respect of the new Eurasian customs requirements and with 24/7 multilingual support.  For more information and to purchase your guarantee, just go to

Additional major partnerships will be annnounced and launched in the nearest future to reduce costs, facilitate multimodal transport and provide full-risk coverage for each international movement in the EU, Eurasia and globally.

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