Representation and protection of interests in EU

We closely follow the latest changes in the legislation of different countries in the transport industry in order to offer you the most cost-effective solutions for optimizing freight traffic and reducing additional costs and negative impacts on your business.

In particular, today European national governments implement a number of legal requirements for sending employees to the territory of the four EU member states: France, Germany, Italy, and Austria. Employees posted to the territory of these countries are required to have an authorized certificate of compliance of their wages and travel expenses with the norms of the national labor legislation. Besides, a number of countries require the presence of an official legal representative of the carrier in the country where employees are sent. Sometimes, it gets very difficult  to follow national legislative norms, especially taking into account the language barrier. Therefore, our company undertakes the registration of all necessary documents for drivers and the selection of a legal representative for the company's interests in the EU.

  • Representation for drivers' minimum salary in France, Austria, Germany and Italy 

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This service is offered in a partnership with Move-Expert, an experienced service provider based in France, with more than 4'000 clients throughout Europe. Hauliers are able to enter all necessary data in our dedicated software, with the help of GTO and receive their attestations from government agencies. In case of dispute, our team assists in negotiations with authorities

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